Fiji Rice - Rice Flour

Rice flour is staple in the world and particularly in  south India and widely used in south east Asian countries like Vietnam , Japan and Korea. Rice flour is a common substitute for wheat flour. The flavor of rice flour is neutral with a nutty taste and is considered hypoallergenic ,easily  and digestible . Rice flour has natural thickening properties  you can use this  versatile gluten free flour for baking , for thickening sauces and gravies .it is also used in recipes that are refrigerated or frozen since it inhibits liquid separation. Fiji Rice Flour is milled from quality  brown rice grains under strict  quality control.  To make the brown rice flour,  husk of the rice is removed and the unhulled rice kernels  is then grounded  in to flour.

Benefits of Rice Flour

Rice flour is gluten free  and excellent choice for persons who suffer from gluten intolerance and autoimmune conditions . It has healthy amount of insoluble fibers  which helps with digestion and improves cardiovascular health. Rice flour also helps manage blood sugar levels and regularize bowel movement. It is also rich in calcium and is an excellent food choice in maintaining bone and skeletal health. Rice flour  has high mineral density and healthy amount of proteins which can give the body an immune response boost and help bulk up and gain muscles. It can also be used as natural exfoliate because of its course texture and highly effective in removing dead skins and debris from skin’s surface.